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White Space AdVenturers.

Eno Land blends the novel application of existing technologies with current and emerging business models to create opportunities for developing large nascent markets.

It targets consumer markets, using network effects to align vendor and consumer expectations to power a virtuous cycle of commerce.

The progress of online retail has seen power move from vendor to consumer, but offline still firmly retains retail's crown jewels of immediacy, presence and experience. Eno Land seeks to unlock this intrinsic value by bridging the consumer journey across the offline / online fissure to deliver a superior immersive experience.


Thinking outside the cave

Troglodytic myopia is a narrow-minded fixation suffered by those who operate in self-perpetuating echo chambers. Eno Land isn't tethered to convention and is comfortable venturing well outside its culture zone into other sectors for inspiration.


Eno Collaboration
If you are looking to disrupt large markets or create new ones, then as Half Man Half Biscuit sing -  "Get yourself some Ray Bans as boy you know it's time for your Eno, Eno Collaboration"
Whether you are in Quai des Milliardaires, on your journey there or down on your uppers, we don't discriminate. We'd really like to meet others with a burning drive create great things. Just remember to bring the Ray Bans.






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